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Rev. Manning: We Have Nothing to Fear, but Obama (Video)

Our favorite, Rev. Manning speaking the truth!

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Rush Limbaugh CPAC Speech (Full Speech Videos)

Rush Limbaugh’s CPAC Speech (Full Speech Parts 1 – 10)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

Part X

"C" is For Cookie (Hulu Video: Fun For The Kids, Big and Small)

Calculate How Much The Bailout Will Cost You and Your Family

Incredible calculator on how much the bailout will cost you.

You can find the calculator here.

In the Obama Era, Routing Has to Change, Too

If you're looking for the really serious security issues to address, ones that might need government help, securing BGP should be on the short list.

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Rendezvous With Destiny - Ronald Reagan

Citizens United Productions has produced a movie on the life of Ronald Reagan. A movie about the man whose leadership revived the nations economy, restored it's confidence and ended the Soviet repression of millions in Eastern Europe. This great American changed the world!

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World's largest wetland threatened in Brazil

Jaguars still roam the world's largest wetland and endangered Hyacinth Macaws nest in its trees but advancing farms and industries are destroying Brazil's Pantanal region at an alarming rate.The degradation of the landlocked river delta on the upper Paraguay river which straddles Brazil's borders with Bolivia ..

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Loneliness Affects How The Brain Operates

Social isolation affects how people behave as well as how their brains operate, a study at the University of Chicago shows. The research is the first to use fMRI scans to study the connections between perceived social isolation (or loneliness) and activity in the brain.

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GOP Leader Boehner Floor Speech Opposing Democrats' Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill

Barack Obama "Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk"

Campaign Promise Broken! Surprised? You shouldn't be!

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Top 10 Moments in Professional Athlete Generated Video

From Shaq to Chuck Norris, one of the more comprehensive and funny looks at professional athletes who generate their own content.

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Why Capitalism Trumps Socialism

Australia's socialist prime minister is, like many of his liberal brethren here in the States, rubbing his hands together with glee at the prospect of using the fiscal crisis we're in right now to empower government at the expense of the market.

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Dodd's poll numbers tanking badly

Is there trouble in Connecticut?

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CNN: Congressman Says Stimulus Not A "Good Day For America"

The Texas Congressman tells CNN viewers that there were only 5 hard copies of the bill for each house of Congress to read beginning when the House opened at noon time. He calls it business as usual, and that it was not a "very good day for America."

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Hillary Clinton Blames Bush For North Korean Nukes !

"If only he would have continued the failed policies of the Clinton years the North Koreans would be nuke-less. At least, that's what a delusional Hillary Clinton told reporters on her flight to Asia this weekend." The Democratic Party deceit continues, as Mr. Obama's Secretary of State tries to rewrite reality. More lies - no change.

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The Bad Bank Assets Proposal: Even Worse Than You Imagined

"The Obama Administration is about to embark on a hugely expensive "save the banking industry at all costs" experiment that:Has nothing substantive in common with any of the "deemed as successful" financial crisis programs.

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The Democrats' Greatest Hits

As this author argues, The Washington Post and other Obama enablers have hailed his passing of the stimulus boondoggle as an historic achievement. But is it?

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The Sickle and the Crescent

America is not the only free market democracy in the world, but it is the largest, and its insistence that its way of life is reproducible by other nations makes it a threat. Muslim terrorist groups have revived the old radical networks that spread subversion across the free world. Or rather they hitched a free ride on them

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Chavez calls Venezuela vote mandate for socialism.

My condolences.

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NY Gov Staff Gets Secret Raise Amid Pay “Freeze”

Despite asking New York State workers to forgo a 3% salary increase due to the state’s fiscal crisis, Governor David Patterson has granted pay raises to more than a dozen members of his staff totaling US$250,000 annually.

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AMA Superbike Champ Mat Mladin Is Almost Always In The Lead

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HTC Magic, The Fabled Android G2, Looks Like It's Headed to

By John Mahoney , 9:20 AM on Mon Feb 16 2009, 6 views File this under decidedly unconfirmed, but Boy Genius has unearthed official shots and an advertisement that indicate the Android phone we've seen leaked recently as the G2 is Europe-bound as the ...

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The Devil's Playground

The author says: "I did my utmost not to steal anything from the library." A strange but fascinating article.

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Hilda Solis - Labor Secretary Nominee (You Guessed It---Another Tax Issue!)

A Senate committee's vote on her confirmation is delayed after it learns her husband had $6,400 in unresolved tax liens filed against his business.
Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington -- U.S. Rep. Hilda L. Solis, President Obama's choice for Labor secretary, faced new obstacles after lawmakers who were expected to vote on her confirmation Thursday abruptly canceled the hearing amid reports of back taxes owed by her husband.

Al Franken - Another Tax Cheat! Surprise!

Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt

by Ronald Kessler

Overlooked in coverage of Tim Geithner�s and Tom Daschle�s unpaid taxes is the $70,000 that Minnesota Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken has admitted to owing in back taxes, interest, and penalties.
Last April, the California Tax Franchise Board revealed that Franken owed the state $5,800 in taxes, fines, and penalties because he did not file returns in 2003 through 2007. Franken then admitted that he owed more than $50,000 in back taxes to 17 states. 
EMFK: We're stunned. Imagine that---a Democrat who is a tax cheat. Where have we heard this before? Do you want someone representating you that doesn't even keep up with his taxes? Stupid move, Al.
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