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Polls - Driving You To Drink?

We peruse the Drudge Report on behalf of our friends. One group does not have access and the other group hates the pop-up ads. Yet another group swear there is malware at the Drudge Report. As a sacrifice for these friends, we put our computers in harms way to bring you the stories.

We should also mention we do not have any problems with the Drudge Report. Some of our friends need a better IT Department at their offices.

Currently at Drudge, the following stories are being reported from the pollsters:

Zogby: Landslide Like Reagan

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Ten (Close)

Which pollster can you trust and believe?

EMFK believes the only poll you should believe is on November 4th. Don't listen to the media. Get out the vote! The media is in the tank for Barack Obama. They're working hard to depress Republican voters. Do not allow the media to coronate our next President. The voice of the American people needs to be heard loud and clear. Not the voice of "a few thousand" American voters that may or may not vote. Also, let us not forget most of these pollsters tend to oversample certain segments of the population.



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