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Ohio Paper Finds Duplicate Voter Registrations (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Author: News Net 5
News Net 5
Date Published: October 19th, 2008

CINCINNATI -- Ohio's voter rolls include people who list their address as the middle of the Ohio River, more than 6,000 people who are registered twice and hundreds who are not even old enough to cast a ballot, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The state's voting records are full of glitches and duplicates, even including people who list addresses that, if they existed, would be in the parking lot outside the stadium where the Bengals play football. The Cincinnati Enquirer found thousands of voters were registered on multiple lists, some as many as six times.

The findings come as voting integrity is under scrutiny ahead of the Nov. 4 election, with scores of lawsuits being filed before the first votes are counted. The Enquirer reviewed more than 8 million voter registration records. Among their findings:

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