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ACORN Propaganda Video

ACORN is feeling the heat, and with Hollywood friends at their disposal, we present their video sob story.

The problem with this video, and any other type of propaganda, is the nonexistence of the many scandals, investigations, and misuse of federal money that are currently being brought to the attention of the American people.

ACORN, the victim, versus Republicans, the bullies, and anyone else that questions their legality in voter registration, securing housing loans, and misusing federal funds.

Our questions to ACORN that were not answered in this video:

Can you give us documented proof showing Republicans suppressing minority voters?

Can you give us documented proof ACORN legitimately registered legal and eligible American voters?

Can you give us documented proof the FBI raids on several ACORN offices across the country is political?

Can you give us documented proof and verification that your status as a non-profit and non-partisan organization matches up with the IRS definition of charitable organizations?

The United States government, and the American people, would be outraged if there was true evidence of voter suppression. However, since many of ACORN's "registered" voters don't exist or in some cases, have been registered to vote more than once---their cries of injustice fall on deaf ears.

The ghetto and thug mentality of ACORN volunteers shows they have little to no regard to the actual laws of this country. If anyone is taking advantage of minorities, it is ACORN.

See the following posts for examples
here, here, and here. These are only a few of the examples cited on our blog these past few weeks.

The American people have the right to demand answers from ACORN and also have the right to demand investigations when laws are being broken or ignored to promote Barack Obama.


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