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Hats Off to PUMAs

This week begins the Democratic National Convention. Anticipation of the One's coronation has been months in the comng, but for the rest of us we're just waiting for it to end. However, this week also highlights the effectiveness of the PUMAs. PUMAs have been a force that the DNC tried to ignore. No longer will they be silenced. Their message is being heard across the nation. If Obama loses this election, we will have to thank the PUMAs for their hardwork and effort. Many thanks to one particular PUMA named Paul F. Villarreal. We hear from a good friend of ours that he's quite a nice guy and encourages everyone to pass his video links out to as many Americans as possible. We're doing our part, Paul. Thank you!
Paul F. Villarreal - YouTube Channel
Spike TV - Profile and videos including his brother. We're told his brother is a Republican.


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