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Party Unity My Ass = PUMA

This is an organization of Hillary supporters that believe Obama has been selected and not rightfully elected to become the Democratic nominee for President. They're mad as hell and they're doing something about it.

They have taken to the world wide web creating JustSayNoDeal.com. They even have catalogued anti-Obama sites at nobamanetwork.com. Peruse the site looking at other Hillary supporter sites that refuse to support Obama.

I admire their actions. In America, they're proving that democracy is alive and well.

What of the Republicans?

Unfortunately, most Republicans are going to vote for McCain or stay home. They will not actively pursue the same course as the Hillary supporters.


While many Republicans share similar sentiments regarding some of President Bush's policies as of late, most Republicans geniunely believe he's a good man. McCain's policies may lean center to right, he's still an honorable man. We may not like McCain, but he's better than Obama. There is still something worth fighting for in this country---stopping Obama is priority number one for many Republicans.

For most Republicans, the last honorable Democrat was Zell Miller. His speech at the RNC was terrific and reminded many older Republicans what the Democratic Party used to be like before the Liberals took hold. Joe Lieberman, even with his Liberal views and positions, is another man that maintains a semblance of honor and integrity. Why he ran with Gore still astonishes many Republicans.

If we were all principled, we would stay home on November 4th and enjoy our families. Let's face the real hard truth: We do not have choices that benefits America overall, but John McCain at least loves this country.

If you cannot love this country, you do not deserve the honor to run it.


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