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Primary Thoughts

Are you drowning in political unrest? You will be soon.

I cannot fathom a more dreadful existence than being stuck in a city that is hosting a political convention.

Want to fix global warming? Send all the politicians to Mars. Our air quality will improve dramatically.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters are at each other's throats elsewhere online.

I cannot stand either of these individuals. Nothing personal--they're politicians. See the above Mars and air quality if you need to understand my feelings.

On the Democratic Primary:

Hillary Clinton is usually hated or loved by the media. More times than not in the past, she's been adored by the same people that now ridicule her.
We have a word for that in the dictionary.


Conservatives hate her, but so do Liberals as we've been told on numerous media outlets.

Barack Obama is a smooth talker. He makes Tony Robbins look like an amateur. Hype or substance? We are about to find out.

In reading the blogosphere Obama has a huge advantage. There are many bloggers that are pushing his "hope and change" message to fellow surfers.

My problem isn't that Obama's organization doesn't have the right to "educate" voters. It is the manner for which they've been seen as bullying those that do not agree with his nomination.

Is life fair? No. Did Hillary Clinton experience media sexism? Maybe. Does this matter to many media pundits and Democrats? It matters to her voters, but not to Obama's voters nor the media pundits.

We did not hear of such things when Elizabeth Dole ran for President. Is this because Mrs. Dole was sheltered by the Republican Party or because media pundits didn't take her serious?

I pity Denver and her residents.


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