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Al Franken - Another Tax Cheat! Surprise!

Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt

by Ronald Kessler

Overlooked in coverage of Tim Geithner�s and Tom Daschle�s unpaid taxes is the $70,000 that Minnesota Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken has admitted to owing in back taxes, interest, and penalties.
Last April, the California Tax Franchise Board revealed that Franken owed the state $5,800 in taxes, fines, and penalties because he did not file returns in 2003 through 2007. Franken then admitted that he owed more than $50,000 in back taxes to 17 states. 
EMFK: We're stunned. Imagine that---a Democrat who is a tax cheat. Where have we heard this before? Do you want someone representating you that doesn't even keep up with his taxes? Stupid move, Al.


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