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RNC Chair

Browsing The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez suggests that Michael Steele is a favorite to become the next RNC Chair. Also a possibility is Newt Gingrich, but EMFK is still ticked about his Global Warming drama with Nancy Pelosi.

Michael Steele would be a refreshing addition to the RNC Chair. After taking a non-scientific poll of our friends, very few could recall the current RNC Chair's name. Sad, but true.

The effectiveness and ability to get the Republican Party's message to the people begins this post election season with a competent, intelligent, and no-nonsense RNC Chair.

EMFK would welcome Michael Steele to that position, but again no one is commenting. A huge disaster for conservatives might be Mitt Romney, but again this is a non-scientific poll of friends who don't like being called at 8AM to answer such important questions. Oops.


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