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Obama's Birth Certificate Dramas (Important Dates To Watch)

Barack Obama is currently President-elect of the United States. He has managed to reach this point without truly being vetted by the US media and the American people. On a particular interesting note, he has also managed to not answer any questions surrounding his birth certificate or adoption papers. If he was adopted by Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, where is his Oath of Allegiance?

Several bloggers have tried to discuss this case, but we feel none of them are to the level of understanding as Texas Darlin' or NoQuarter's blog. The former being more involved than the latter. Also of particular note, Phil Berg has been supported by EMFKs friends, MommaE, ChileMan, and ChileWoman. The Chiles information will remain in confidentiality as it isn't the business of the media. Why continue to vet people when you haven't even vetted the President-elect of this country?

Important dates to watch:

November 10 - We The People Foundation will release an Ad in the USA Today regarding this very topic and in support of Phil J. Berg, the man behind Berg v Obama. It will actually run the entire week of November 10th.

November 17th - Phil Berg & Robert L. Schulz (Founder & Chairman of WTP) will hold a press briefing at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

November 18th - Andy Martin's case: Martin v Obama will be heard on this date in Honolulu, Hawaii.

December 1st - Barack Obama has until this day to release his original long birth certificate from "vault" (located in Honolulu, Hawaii) to the court.

If or when this occurs, Phil Berg will then have to submit a response.

December 15th (or perhaps 13th), the Electoral College meets to vote for the next President of the United States.

January 6th, 2009 - The new Congress will be sworn in. The Democrats obviously have a comfortable majority, but it will not be available to have a say about this birth certificate drama.

In the meantime, SHOULD the SCOTUS find that Barack Obama isn't eligible---those who knew this fraud will deserve punishment and the Democrats will pay a heavy price.


  1. shaele said...

    "...SHOULD the SCOTUS find that Barack Obama isn't eligible---those who knew this fraud will deserve punishment and the Democrats will pay a heavy price."

    This price needs to be really HEAVY!!

  2. addamstaft said...

    Obama seems to also be guilty of other crimes: prehaps treason because of his dealings in Iraq, Kenya and Indonesia, and felonies because of his illegal campaign contributions, voter registration fraud, and 1st ammendment imfringements. What is our country's future if he is not prosecuted? What is the value of the constitution?

  3. Anonymous said...

    I'm earnestly praying that the truth about Obama's lies and deceptions will be exposed and that the SCOTUS will find him ineligible to hold office as US President. Therefore, the Electoral College will need to vote for the truly qualified candidate. May God protect America from the evil that is Obama!

  4. David said...

    The media should be held responsible for conspiracy to commit fraud along with Obama. Something should be done to stop their influence of our elections.

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