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Author: NY Post Editorial Board
NY Post
Date Published: October 15th, 2008

Barack Obama's favorite band of "community organizers," ACORN, has caught the attention of prosecutors in both Ohio and Indiana.

The bipartisan board of elections in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, voted unanimously Monday to ask the local DA to investigate multiple allegations of fraud - including the case, first reported by The Post, of Freddie Johnson, who admits he was paid by ACORN to register 72 times.

And Indiana's top elections officer asked the state attorney general to investigate reports that ACORN submitted thousands of fraudulent registrations in the Indianapolis area.

Overall, at least a dozen states are looking into ACORN-submitted registrations.

In Bridgeport, Conn., some 20 percent of the group's submitted registrations have been deemed fraudulent; in Houston, it's 40 percent.

Anything that widespread and systemic can't be handled solely at the state level.

It's time for the US Justice Department and federal prosecutors to get involved.

At a press conference yesterday, an ACORN official said, "Yes, we know there's been fraud," but blamed "some bad apples in the bunch."

That's ridiculous, of course.

EMFK: We have a few readers that believe we're being too harsh on ACORN. In a comment yesterday, "ACORN isn't the problem--the federal government and the Republicans are the problem".

The problem of widespread cheating through at least a dozen states is ACORN. Factor in that ACORN is 'non-partisan' and 'non-profit' organization and you begin to realize why many Americans are angry. If Obama is such a strong candidate, there is no reason to "register" dead voters, felons, or others that are ineligible to vote. Or, in some cases names were just made up. All of which are against US Election laws.

For all of you who feel sorry for ACORN, you need to refocus on who is to blame in this voter scandal. Put the blame where it belongs---ACORN! No one told ACORN to put a voter registration drive together nor did anyone tell them to cheat. By casting the blame elsewhere, ACORN and their supporters are trying to cover up what could be one of the largest voter scandals in American history.

We join the NY Post Editorial Board in asking the Department of Justice to begin a widespread investigation.


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