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They didn't fall far from the tree (ACORN)

These ACORN people are nuts.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, has been putting together bogus and forged voter registration applications in Lake County, say local Democrats and Republicans in county politics, and both sides want it stopped

If there is going to be any vote fraud, by golly, we can handle that ourselves without any help from outsiders.

Anyhow, ACORN, which on Feb. 21 endorsed Barack Obama, is doing him no favors by clogging Lake County with an avalanche of fake registrations that could foul up the Nov. 4 election.

They're up to their old tricks, the locals say, which earned them felony charges in Seattle in 2007 when they used phone books to create bogus voter registration cards.

According to the ACORN Web site, it "helps those who historically have been locked out" of the electoral process.

You know, people like "Jimmy John," who oddly enough shares a name and address with a Crown Point sandwich shop. Or the man from Gary who died in November but was somehow resurrected in August to register to vote.

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