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The 'Sky Is Falling' Republicans - Do you know one?

Anger. Dread. Fear. Stress. Trauma. Doom. Failure.

It must be October in Republican land!

Every 4 years, an incredible process takes place across this Nation. The Olympics and Conventions are over and the 'meat' of the presidential campaign is in full swing. So are the Republicans.

Democrats can be forgiven for their stupidity. They want to win the White House, badly. Although, they didn't run their best possible candidate; but it doesn't matter to the DNC that Obama is seen as 'selected' and not 'elected' by some 18 million Hillary supporters. They don't "need them" and expect all Clinton supporters to "get over it". We'll see who has the last laugh.

Back to the Republicans, yes--where were we again?

Oh, gloom and doom. Apologies for those trying to keep things in order. Yes, the dear Republican Party and the 'panic' that is rising among some factions within the party. Yes, we're going to lose just like we did 4 and 8 years ago.

Oh wait! We didn't lose!

Our point is the Republicans go through "we're going to lose" gloom and doom a couple of weeks before every election. You can mark it on the calendar. It is the leap year surprise. Another election, another traumatized Republican loss.

The only problem is the Republicans don't tend to lose general elections---despite their naysaying and nattering on about losing. It is a perpetual doom and gloom mentality that keeps the saying "The Republicans are the Stupid Party" going for generations.

Speaking of Republicans, we posted the video of the Wisconsin rally yesterday. The gentleman in Wisconsin obviously speaks for many Republicans that are waiting for McCain to drop the "bomb" and stop being nice. We wholeheartedly agree, but it reminds us again that our party is one of "perpetual anger".

Wait! Aren't the Democrats the party of the angry, frustrated, and anti-American? We're talking about a different type of anger and no--not all Democrats are anti-American. If they loathe George Soros, they're good Democrats.

The problem for Republicans is "perpetual anger" works when it motivates your base to do something. Yet, it motivates some and causes others in the party to declare the "sky is falling".

How do you spot a Republican suffering from the 'sky is falling' syndrome?

A Republican that cannot understand why the media isn't covering all of Barack Obama's associations with terrorists and shady people.

Our answer: It is the responsibility of the McCain campaign to get the message out. After awhile, the media will not be able to ignore what the campaign is saying. By the way, it's beginning to work as all major networks are "covering" the story. Heck, even Obama is starting to "dispute" these associations. Nice try, Barack.

A Republican whose attention span is worse than a toddler and cannot remember the previous elections.

A Republican whose idea of "change" is to vote Third party or threaten to "sit this one out" when the going gets tough.

A Republican who believes that Barack Obama will win the Evangelical vote by large margins.

A Republican who sends out emails to his/her friends that Utah and Wyoming are in 'play' for Obama.

A Republican who believes and obsesses over polls.

A Republican who related to, work with, or associate with Obama supporters.

A Republican who is terrified of their own shadow.

A Republican that continues to tell other Republicans "the reality of the situation is".

A Republican that doesn't understand the "reality of the situation" and declares his/her opinion to be rooted on "gut instinct" or a "sinking feeling".

A Republican who on the night of the election after victory declared---will be screaming the loudest.

A Republican who didn't help or lift one finger to ensure the victory of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Should you happen to cross one of these Republicans---ignore them. There is nothing that can be done for them except a good dose of "reality" on November 4th.

Don't waste your time or oxygen on such idiotic Republicans. The rest of us have work to do. After all, imagine what it will be like being a Democrat on the night of November 4th should the Republicans win again.


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