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The Race Issue As Tool (Jewish Press)

Author: Jewish Press Editorial Board
Link: Jewish Press
Date Published: October 15th, 2008

The significance of race in the presidential campaign is undeniable - but not in the manner Barack Obama and his supporters would like us to think. The fact is, it was race that propelled Sen. Obama to the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, as he received more than 90 percent of the African American vote in the primaries.

Yet this level of near unanimous support in the black community has never been characterized by the media as a form of racism, even though it plainly reflects widespread decision-making based solely upon race. In the early going, Sen. Hillary Clinton was running well ahead of Sen. Obama among black voters, but the instant Sen. Obama proved himself to be a viable candidate, the black vote moved en masse to him form Sen. Clinton.

That is what it is. What truly matters are the efforts of the Obama camp to thwart legitimate criticism by planting the specter of racism. If Sen. Obama is to be believed, the fact that he is African-American means the very same criticisms that would be deemed legitimate if directed at a white candidate are off limits when it comes to him. Since last week, this effort to immunize Obama has picked up steam.


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