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Pro-Obama Ohio Secretary of State Refuses to Stop Voter Fraud

Author: Sher Zieve
Canada Free Press
Date Published: October 16th, 2008

To be filed under “suspicions confirmed,” patently partisan-for-Obama supporter Democrat Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer “I-never-met-an-ACORN-worker-I-didn’t-like” Brunner has stomped her feet and decided that she should not be required to do her job; that of protecting Ohio voters from election fraud. She has also decided that she will elicit help from the US Supreme Court in upholding her desire.

There are over 200,000 already identified flawed and fraudulent new registrations, which Brunner has not only personally refused to check but, has advised local registrars that they may not check, either. These are voter registrations that Brunner has admitted she has been “hiding” from local election boards. And whence did these registrations come? You got it—ACORN! Note: With this admission, one can only surmise that the 200,000 registrations were given to Brunner directly by ACORN. Brunner and Obama’s other adherents are now actively working to subvert the US democracy. Of course ACORN is also the group that—despite his attempts to hoodwink the public into believing otherwise—Democrat presidential candidate Obama has worked with and heavily funded for years and the group that is currently under federal investigation for voter fraud in between 12-15 states.


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