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pH For America 527 ad - Sermon On The Mount (Updated Version)

Exclusive To The Stiletto Blog

Barack Obama’s campaign got wind of oppo researcher Stephen Marks’ plans to air the “The Real Barack Obama” ad produced by his 527 group pH for America on five TV stations in the battleground states of PA and MI starting this week, because his “smear-fighting” Web site has launched an attack on the attack ad.

Referring to him as a “career smear peddler,” a “trickster” and a “scam artist,” the Obama campaign does not mention Marks by name, but coyly
links to an entry on SourceWatch instead.

Obama’s "Fight The Smears" Web site claims that at 2:09, the YouTube version of the ad – which has gotten 4 million hits in the three months since it’s been posted – is too long to air on TV and that “the video quality is far too low for it to be a real ad.” The Obama campaign warns:

Whatever you do, don’t give this scam artist any money! … Make no mistake: this “ad” will never run.

Marks says that pH for America has taken the YouTube version of the ad and re-cut it into 1-minute and 2-minute spots that will air 42 times during the first week of October. The ads are supposed to start running today in three PA cities (Pittsburgh, Altoona/Johnstown and Erie) and two MI cities (Lansing and Flint).

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