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McCain Camp, RNC to Spend $160 Million in Final Weeks (Fox News)

Author: James Rosen
Fox News
Date Published: October 10, 2008

John McCain's campaign and the Republican National Committee plan to spend "upwards of $160 million" in the final weeks of the presidential race, according to a senior McCain adviser.

This will represent a massive counter-attack to combat Barack Obama's lopsided spending advantage to date.

The McCain adviser told FOX News that, while Obama is outspending them in all but two of 14 battleground states, "that will change over the last four weeks."

As national and battleground state polls show McCain trailing Obama consistently, McCain is urging voters not to count him out.

"In case you missed it, this is about the seventh or eighth time that pundits have said 'McCain's campaign is in trouble,'" he told Wisconsin voters Thursday. "We fooled them then and we will fool them again."

Asked if McCain could still surmount Obama's polling leads, the McCain adviser said Missouri, North Carolina and Indiana are "either close to or leaning for" McCain, and that the Republican nominee "will win those without much issue."

"That brings us to 200 [electoral votes]," the adviser said. "The next level is where we make or break. We need to really worry about Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Nevada."

The adviser expressed optimism for those states, based on conditions viewed as favorable to the McCain campaign. In Virginia, for instance, the adviser said the military vote could "offset any increased African American turnout."


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