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The major hurdle that threatened to block the release of the Michelle Obama’s true interview tapes has now been removed. (From API)

The major hurdle that threatened to block the release of the Michelle Obama’s true interview tapes has now been removed.

Posted by africanpress on October 19, 2008

The legal hurdles that API feared in connection with the release of the tape has now been settled. The American people has soon to be treated to the truth about the true personality of their (probably) incoming first Lady.

API is soon to conclude an agreement on which of the media channels in the US is to air the Michelle Obama tapes. This has come about because many news channels have shown great interest in getting the tapes so that they air to the American people before the elections.

Many Americans are waiting and we promise to satisfy their desire very soon. The delay in releasing the tapes is due to two things:

1. The legal issues that may arise after we release the tapes.
This one has now been cleared and API feels safe and is no longer in fear when it comes to a legal battle that may come when the information gets out.

2. Choosing one media channel to air the tapes in the USA.
When we wrote the story, many people contacted us asking for the verification. At the same time, many media outlets have contacted API and would like to be the sole network to air the tapes. What we are finalising now is to come to an agreement with one channel that will have to air the tapes unedited.

After noticing the desire that has been exhibited - to have the tapes out, may be you Americans would like API to air the tape through a particular news channel. Your advice will be appreciated.

We are also seeking to agree with the particular channel that we will finally choose to give the tapes to, that they study the US laws properly so that we are not sued. Some have informed us that there are some states in the country that do not have laws that the Obama’s can use in attacking API. It may be wise that the tapes get aired in such a State to avoid court cases being filed against us.

The important thing we are discussing with the US news networks is if they are ready to take the whole responsibility in case the Obama camp reacts using the courts.

We understand the desperation some people may have due to the delay that has been exhibited by us, but API is interested in being safe after the release of the tapes and this seems to be achieved now.

Some who have been impatient have called us so many names. That does not bother us much because we know we have the information.

When people say API is not known or that it is a small thing, we get surprised. People must never forget that all the huge media networks started somewhere small and became what they are today. Credibility is not our fear because we know we have a true copy of the interview. Failing to bring forth the truth is what would bother us, and yet we know that we will accomplish.

The urgency of the matter is known to API, but we wish to state that we are not served with a situation that will destroy us even if we have to move slow but sure, so that any loopholes that may give anyone a chance to take us to court is closed tightly.

We are about to reach the end of this saga and all those who favour the truth will rejoice. We know we will also hurt many who will see us as a news agency that interfered with the US politics. We believe, however, that where there are two competitors competing against one another one will win and the other will win, in cases of course where a draw is not an option.
It is important now for us to inform the readers that any person or persons sending us comments ¨which contain some bad word or words will not be published. We will only continue to release serious comments with no abusive language.

Published by Chief Editor - African Press International.


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