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Liberal group’s fraud shows voter ID need (ACORN/AJC Article)

What do Barack Obama, Cynthia Tucker and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have in common? I’ll tell you a few facts and you decide.

I’ll try not to load my words, as Cynthia Tucker did in her Sunday column blasting voter ID laws as the product of “pseudo-facts” and “overhyped allegations of voter fraud.” Readers of my column will, I hope, be outraged by their own thinking, not feelings emanating from pejorative terms.

My introduction to ACORN was in the 1990s. When the savings and loan debacle occurred and large numbers of S&Ls had to be taken into receivership, I was the eastern U.S. director of investigations for the Resolution Trust Corporation, the agency established to clean up the mess.

My staff of investigators worked with the FBI, federal prosecutors and local law enforcement on criminal matters and with internal and external lawyers to bring civil claims against those who caused major S&L losses.

The RTC took control of assets, such as foreclosed real estate, to sell on behalf of taxpayers.

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