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HIGH PROFILE Feminists (yes, feminists!!) Endorse Palin (McCain/Palin)

Author: Greta Van Susteren
Gretawire (Full Article)
Date Published: October 22nd, 2008


At a rally in front of thousands of cheering supporters, Palin spentmost of her speech talking about women. She started by mentioned somefemale endorsements: First, Prameela Bartholomeusz a small businessowner and a member of the Democratic National Platform Committee…Linda Klinge the former Oregon president and now Vice-President of theNational Organization of Women…Shelly Mandell President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women here with us today and Lynn Rothschild you may have seen her on television a whole lotlately. She is a member of the Democratic Platform Committee. She is with us here today and Elaine Lafferty a former editor in chief of Ms.magazine they are here today to endorse the McCain-Palin campaign.”


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