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Get Informed - People you should be reading (NoQuarter)

The following list has been compiled to help the American voter GET INFORMED about Barack Obama. If you're not informed by now, hurry up already! You don't have much time.

NoQuarter is a blog run by Larry Johnson. Yes, before you start sending hate email--he's a Hillary Clinton supporter. NoQuarter is a pro-Hillary Clinton site. If you decide to post there, please keep that fact in mind. They're not necessarily enthralled with President Bush, but most importantly---they're against Barack Obama. Besides, you can become absolutely bored reading the same conservative slant on every news issue. We know the media is biased.

They have stellar writers that find information better than anyone else regarding Barack Obama. Keep in mind---they've had several years and the Democratic primary to keep track of this "rising star" in the Democratic Party.

Here are important writers at NQ and subject matters to help keep you informed:
*Note: There are other talented NQ writers, but we're just highlighting some of our personal favorites.

Larry Johnson


Matthew Weaver


Steve Diamond

Uppity Woman


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

Issues Important this election NQ has covered:

Barack Obama

Annenberg Chicago Challenge


William Ayers


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