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From One Of Our Readers: ACORN

ACORN,advertised for "community organizers" in MOTHER JONES magazines in 1979-80.On the magazine's title/editor page, is a photograph of "Pioneer socialist Mary Harris 'Mother' Jones."

Other advertisers include1.)"Read the Guardian--Marxist news-weekly..." 2.)"Anarchist Cookbook...Mini-Manual for the Urban Guerilla " 3. "Lock Pick Design Manual"

The May 6, 1979 Houston Post newspaper quoted the 1977 Acorn organizing song as follows: " Aren't you tired of seein' the way that your own country's being run? For the sake of Monster Profit, they would even steal your son. And if you think it's bad, well, buster, you can bet it will grow worse. So you better start to organize, or empty out your purse!"

All of the above indicates that ACORN is a far left wing group. Prentice-Hall American Government textbook,COMPARING POLITICAL EXPERIENCES, devotes an entire page to ACORN.... presenting it as an innocuous citizen participation group, without one hint of the far left wing identity of the group.

Another high school textbook, AMERICAN POLITICAL BEHAVIOR, published by Ginn and Company, has recommended reading books RULES FOR RADICALS by Saul Alinsky and CONVERSATIONS WITH SAUL ALINSKY by Marion Sanders.

To my memory, there are no conservative recommended reading books. I reviewed these textbooks before the Texas State Board of Education in 1979. I was upset then and I am upset now. That is an understatement!!!

Our students have been fed unbalanced left wing information in state adopted textbooks for almost thirty years.We are reaping the results today, as I write this, with ACORN in the national news... for very questionable (!!!) practices. Please help get this information to influential sources.


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