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Thank you to all those that have found us online. We strive to provide important, valuable, and sometimes silly news items.


EMFK, Thank You, and What Happens Next

EMFK would like to thank all the readers and visitors of our blog. We're newbies on the scene, but we hope you enjoy the information we share. All of the information can be found at various locations online, but we're honored you chose to read it here.

We have received emails asking us a variety of questions. We'll try to answer them below.

Are you guys PUMAs or Republicans?

First, we're not guys unless someone had a sex change between Sunday and right now without notifying the rest of the group. If that's the case, we apologize. Otherwise, everyone is a Chick!

We're Republicans, but we support the PUMA cause! They're Hillary Clinton supporters and we are not.

Why did you start a blog?

This blog was set-up to help keep friends informed of any news or information they would otherwise not see during working hours. If you're visiting us at work, we know you're not one of those friends. All of our friends work at places that do not permit "blog reading". Shameful, but we digress.

I notice when videos disappear from YouTube...your blog has the videos. How are you able to do that?

Any video posted online can always be found. It's the internet after all! There are useful tools out there to use and we suggest you Google them.

What will you do after the election?

Sleep, rest, re-introduce ourselves to our relatives---or just sleep more! Actually, we will return to things we enjoy away from politics! This blog will shift dramatically after the election. We're already tired of this election and we're less than a month away. GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!

We know several readers of this blog that faithfully follow our posts. Thank you so much! Again, we're honored to have you here. As we mentioned earlier, this blog was set-up to keep our friends informed. Several of our readers seem to read the blog more than them. We might need to replace them with our faithful readers. :-)

Thanks again,
EMFK Chicks!


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