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Earl Henry Sholley For US Congress (Running against Barney Frank)

Republican candidate, Earl Henry Sholley, is running against Barney Frank.

Here's a little bio:

I am the son of an iron ore miner and a farmer's daughter. My mother is 80 years young, and she still mows her own lawn. She is my greatest blessing! My parents taught my brother and me the values of hard work, family, education, God and country, determination, and honesty. My father was killed in a mining accident when I was 6 months old. My step-dad, who also worked in the ore mines, was a hard-working union man at Bethlehem Steel. Later in his career, he had a white collar job with the same company. He saw the corporate world from both sides of the fence. It gives me a unique perspective of labor and management. My Mom was a dedicated federal supervisor who often brought work home to complete on the kitchen table. She taught me about public service, organization, efficiency, and heroic virtue. I am the proud father of two very successful daughters. We lost their mother, and my wife of 25 years, to breast cancer in 2005.
EMFK: We encourage you to support Earl Henry Sholley for the 4th Congressional District against Barney Frank.


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