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ACORN Statement Regarding Las Vegas Voter Registration

EMFK: Please make sure you're not drinking anything near the computer before reading ACORN's statement regarding the FBI's raid of their Las Vegas' office.

Over the past year, ACORN has worked hard to help over 80,000 people in Clark County register to vote.

Hundreds of canvassers and volunteers have worked for months talking to citizens from Nevada’s most disenfranchised communities and encouraging them to exercise their right to participate in our democracy. Their work has been tireless—they deserve a great deal of credit for spending days in the hot sun at public places from parks to community centers to shopping centers helping citizens complete voter registration applications. Most of the 80,000 registrations they have collected and turned in to election officials come from young people, low income people and minorities—the very people whose voices are too often left out of our electorate.

As part of our nonpartisan voter registration program, ACORN staff reviews every single application...Read the rest of their "statement" here.

EMFK: How very touching of ACORN to remember the "young people, low income people, and minorities". However, the truth of the matter is that Tony Romo and many members of the Dallas Cowboys' are neither low income nor do they happen to live in Las Vegas. By the way, how "young" are the people registering to vote? Until investigations are fully sought into ACORNs illegal activities, they will continue to "register" voters that either do not exist or don't know they're being registered elsewhere.


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