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ACORN Acknowledges Voter Fraud, Blames a Few 'Bad Apples'

Author: Fox News
Link: Fox News
Date Published: October 14th, 2008

ACORN leaders acknowledge that there has been voter registration fraud, but they say it is not as bad as voter suppression and intimidation that they say has occurred in previous elections.

ACORN leaders acknowledged Tuesday that there has been voter registration fraud this year, but they said it was not as widespread as the voter suppression and intimidation they say has occurred in previous elections.

"Yes, we know there's been fraud. With a staff of some 13,000 canvassers, there will be some bad apples in the bunch," an ACORN official said at a news conference.

The official explained that state law requires the community organizing group to turn in every application it collects.

"It's up to state elections officials to weed out those that aren't legit," the official said, adding that all applications are marked as good, incomplete or suspect.

EMFK: It is up to ACORN to register legitimate American voters that want to vote. Most Americans expect ACORN to do this legally and responsibly.


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