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Republican Party - The Party Of Change and Reform

Le me tell you about that Republican community. Lincoln was the first Republican President. He wa part of the radical Republicans that wanted an end to slavery. They are responsible for the civil rights amendments that were added to the US Constitution. When it came time to vote on the civil rights legislation of the 1960s, over 80% of Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the legislation. Not a single southern Democrat voted for it. Republicans pushed the women’s sufferage movement and enabled women to vote. People talk about the Jim Crow days of the South. Jim Crow was a Democrat. The reason that you do not like the speach is that Obamma could never give a speach of that calliber. It was Presidential. Every jab she took at her opponents was truth. You just don’t like the truth. You don’t like that Obamma has done nothing.

Posted at NQ  by Robert

We, Republicans, have always been the party of radicals, mavericks, and of change. When we stick to our principles, America changes for the better. Thank you, Robert.


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