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Browse through online blogs (left and right leaning) and you'll find the words PUMA somewhere, they're everywhere according to a close friend.

That's the point.

If you're browsing left wing blogs, they're viewed with visceral hatred. Right wing blogs aren't quite sure what to believe, but they're starting to support their cause. Visit Free Republic.com and do a search for "PUMA" and see what you find.

What is PUMA?

They make shoes dummy! Not that one!

PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass or the more TV friendly version People United Means Action. Sounds good.

Here's what you need to know about PUMAs.

All of them are Hillary Clinton supporters.

If they're a PUMA, it is unlikely they'll vote for Barack Obama. Although, some will surely vote for him.

PUMAs are dedicated to "reforming" the Democratic Party. From what we have read, they want to scrap the current party leadership and start again. Doesn't sound bad. One wishes this could happen to some factions of the Republican Party.

The point is the PUMAs have been reviled, mocked, taunted, harassed, and "abused" verbally online.

That won't stop them.

They're motivated to ensuring Barack Obama isn't President. Nothing wrong with that goal.

Our common goal is to defeat Barack Obama. If you see someone that is disrespecting these PUMAs, stand up and speak out on their behalf. We're allies during this election.

To find out more about PUMAs, follow the links below:

Caucus Fraud
In depth analysis, first hand accounts of Caucus abuses from the Democratic Primaries. Very informative and frightening.

A thoughtful, insightful place for Democrats, Independents and Republicans to gather. This is a pro-Hillary site.

A large gathering of Hillary supporters. Again, they welcome Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Very nice people.

No Obama means No Obama! Find likeminded blogs ensuring No Obama in the White House.

Coalition website with many links to other Hillary supporters. Their goal is to STOP OBAMA!

For the next 56 days, we're going to need all the Allies we can garner.


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