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Obama Goons Call Police - From Burlington, VT

This past Sunday, a graduate student in electrical engineering learned that Fascists are not always goosestepping in uniforms behind tanks, sometimes they can appear to be innocent little old ladies or soccer moms. Our student, whom we will refer to as as just Brian, approached an Obama campaign table on Church Street here in Burlington and began to ask questions about Brzezinski's role as advisor to Obama. He also asked if the Obama supporters knew about how Brzezinski was the architect for the Mujahideen, a.k.a. Al Qaeda.

The Obama table wanted no discussion what so ever. In order to set up a table on Church Street, a group must apply for a permit from the market place board. The function of tabling is to educated the public on issues and allow dialogue. Apparently an open exchange of ideas did not apply to Obama supporters. After Brian questioned the table and realized the conversation was closed, he walked away.

Refusing to speak was not enough for the Obama people, they called the police! Two police officers chased Brian down, ordered him onto the ground. Brian called out for help, thinking he had committed no crime. The police told him to shut up or he would be tasered. Brian was handcuffed and taken to jail where he was held for 35 hours. He had to appear before a judge in shackles and will face a trial by jury in one month for: resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The ordeal in jail left Brian visibly shaken and upset. If the arrest wasn't enough. The Obama campaigners filed a RESTRAINING ORDER which bans him from Church Street for ONE MONTH! Burlington is a small town, and Church St. is our main thoroughfare. This is a de facto ban from the town.

Read the rest of the article here.

By all means, please write to the Mayor of Burlington, VT asking whether this story is true and if so, why did they violate this young man's Free Speech.

This is unbelievable and yet, Obama's Truth Squads in Missouri is trying to do the same thing. This is an outrage!


  1. shaele said...

    I should be amazed at this gestapo tactic in the United States, but because it was done by obama's thugs, I am NOT SURPRISED at all. ANYTHING asked that they don't want to answer means a visit from the not so secret police, incarceration, and then trumped up charges. A vision of the future under obama? I think so.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Another reason why we (again) donated to the NRA today! SOMEONE has to remove this thug from the political landscape!

  3. Don said...

    It is difficult for me to believe the police officers would charge someone with resisting arrest for merely crying out for help... Police officers suffer more abuse and resistance writing traffic citations. I do not believe this story reveals the whole truth...

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