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Email from a Professor to TopTalk

Sarah..I am a Professor of Political Science at a very large University and have a total of over 760 students. These students have only seen you on the National Political front for a short time, but [they almost] deify you. You are authentic, honest, fearless, a shining example of what Washington needs....I could go on for an hour.

These students are very intelligent and admit they can see thru the rhetoric of Obama....he is a pathological liar, a racist, and a sexist. He has a background which profiles the very worst criminals in our society...He is associated with . . . terrorists, people who hate America. He does not -- nor ever will -- illustrate the attributes of a President or Vice President . . . as you most assuredly do. Today, he made the biggest mistake he ever could have. As you know, John McCain and you are now well known for the phrase Country First...before any self interest. Well Sarah...Obama said and I quote..."I did not spend 19 months on those Planes and eating hotel food to come in second." If that is not a self centered remark, what is? I thought Obama was supposed to be on a mission for the people...but I guess he feels sorry for all those poor hours he had to spend eating hotel food and riding on his Plane....I guess Obama feels "Self interest first and Country---oh maybe second or third."

Go for it Sarah...the students love you. In a class poll...98% (honestly!) voted for you and 2% against. You should be proud of that...well done, Governor Palin.

This was an email sent to TopTalk regarding Sarah Palin. She's a game changer!


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