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Children Sing For Obama (Video) vs Obama's Forgotten People (Video)

*This video has been removed by kathysawada. Check out the comments in her YouTube channel.

What follows is directly from NoQuarter.

Do those children and their parents have any clue about “Obama’s forgotten people”?

Ask the tenants of Dear Leader’s financier Tony Rezko, whose tenants froze for months during a Chicago winter because Rezko didn’t manage the properties Obama’s influence gave him the means to buy up.

Ask the mother of the little boy who died because Dear Leader’s close financial ally, Cullen Davis, couldn’t bother to maintain the iron fencing on the former public housing, which fell and crushed the little boy to death. (Watch that video, you privileged children and parents.)

Ask the union employees of Maytag to whom Dear Leader promised he’d work hard to keep their jobs in Illinois, but when Dear Leader took money from the billionaire scion of the Crown family and a major owner of Maytag, it so happens that Dear Leader never even mentioned those Maytag workers to the one man with the influence to affect those workers, all of whose jobs left the country.

Obama's Forgotten People (Video)

This isn't the type of change any of us are looking for Senator Obama.

Hat Tip: NoQuarter


  1. SusanUnPC said...

    Thank you for linking to my post. I'm honored.

    And as angry today as I was yesterday when I wrote the piece. There are real people who have been real victims of Barack Obama's unending thirst for the next big seat of power. Many of our politicians, even though they're politicians, genuinely care about their constituents. Obama does not. It's all rhetoric with him. It's just a show. -- Susan at NoQuarterUSA.net

    P.S. If you put up a post you think our readers would be interested in, please send me the link at susanunpc at gmail dot com

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