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ACORN's Official statement regarding the Bail Out

ACORN Members Call on Congress, Feds to "Bail Out Main Street, Not Just Wall Street"

This was posted on their website on September 23rd. Obviously, it was two days before the bombshell was dropped by Senator Lindsey Graham on Greta's show.

On their website, this is the description of Acorn's tax status:

ACORN is a non-profit, non-partisan social justice organization with national headquarters in New York, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. To maintain independence, ACORN does not accept government funding and is not tax exempt.

If they do not accept government funding, why is there a need to give this organization 140 billion dollars? The American people should demand to know the entire truth.


  1. Grace Nearing said...

    If they do not accept government funding, why is there a need to give this organization 140 billion dollars?

    Hi -- happened to land here looking for information on ACORN's budget. There seems to be some confusion here. The $140 billion figure represents 20% of the $700 billion bailout figure, and the 20% figure seems to come from the Dodd counterproposal to the Paulson plan:

    Section 5 of the Dodd counter-proposal to the Paulson Plan would set aside 20% of the profits from the Treasury’s sale of assets to the Housing Trust Fund.

    So the Dodd counterproposal is for 20% of the profits -- if any -- to be dedicated to the federal government's Housing Trust Fund.

    So far I haven't been able to confirm that ACORN receives any money from the Housing Trust Fund, which, as you've pointed out, would conflict with the expressed mission statement of ACORN.

  2. tom said...

    Well, first thing is that Graham said "20% of the money that should be used to retire debt" which isn't the whole $700B. In fact, I don't think any of us except Bush, Bush's appointee Paulson, Bush's appointee Bernake and the Senators would know this number. Second thing is that Graham should have said ACORN Housing - not ACORN. ACORN Housing is an organization that would help poor people stay in their homes by making smaller payments, etc. Yes, that's a liberal-type thing, but at least the banks would get some of their money back. Feel free not to like the idea, but get the facts semi-right.

  3. Anonymous said...

    ACORN already had a slush fund established through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When funds ran dry, ACORN required a source of new funding.

    Over the course of several days, and many, many conversations, including telephone calls to Paulson, Obama came galloping through to ACORN's aid.

    Obama, former attorney and community agitator for ACORN, and presidential-wannabe puppet bought and paid for by ACORN, tried his best to create a new "hidden" slush fund complements of the U.S. taxpayer for the corrupt pseudo-organization.

    The more Americans realize the motives behind this radical leftist, redistributionist, socialist organization and Obama, the more repulsed they should become from the shady dealings going on in the name of our nation!

  4. Anonymous said...

    ACORN,advertised for "community organizers" in MOTHER JONES magazines in 1979-80.
    On the magazine's title/editor page, is a photograph of "Pioneer socialist Mary Harris 'Mother' Jones." Other advertisers include
    1.)"Read the Guardian--Marxist
    news-weekly..." 2.)"Anarchist Cookbook...Mini-Manual for the Urban Guerilla " 3. "Lock Pick Design Manual" The May 6, 1979 Houston Post newspaper quoted the 1977 Acorn organizing song as follows: " Aren't you tired of seein' the way that your own country's being run? For the sake of Monster Profit, they would even steal your son. And if you think it's bad, well, buster, you can bet it will grow worse. So you better start to orgaanize, or empty out your purse!" All of the above indicates that ACORN is a far left wing group. Prentice-Hall
    American Government textbook,
    COMPARING POLITICAL EXPERIENCES, devotes an entire page to ACORN.... presenting it as an innocuous citizen participation group, without one hint of the far left wing identity of the group.
    Another high school textbook, AMERICAN POLITICAL BEHAVIOR, published by Ginn and Company, has recommended reading books RULES FOR RADICALS by Saul Alinsky and CONVERSATIONS WITH SAUL ALINSKY by Marion Sanders. To my memory, there are no conservative recommended reading books. I reviewed these textbooks before the Texas State Board of Education in 1979. I was upset then and I am upset now. That is an understatement!!! Our students have been fed unbalanced left wing information in state adopted textbooks for almost thirty years.
    We are reaping the results today, as I write this, with ACORN in the national news... for very questionable (!!!) practices. Please help get this information to influential sources.

  5. Lelia said...

    Thank you to the recent poster for information regarding ACORN. We have moved it to the current news section.

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